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USA office
BSFT has now set up a core team of Food Technologists and Food Business Specialists in USA to provide help to the USA Food Industry.
The current team is:-
Mike Willson
Mike Willson
Fats and Oils and Food Business Specialist - BSc Chemistry, MBA, Chartered Chemist.
27 years experience in Senior Management roles in the food industry in the UK, Middle East & USA with multinational companies including Unilever. Research and Development, Technical and Quality Management, Vegetable Fats and Oils Processing and Factory Operations
Alan Bird
Twenty years of operational and engineering experience, at executive management as Vice President of Engineering & Operations in equipment manufacture, engineering and operational production lines in both Food Processing and OEM equipment manufacturing environments.

Tom MacMurray
A Senior Technical and Business Strategy Manager formerly with Heinz Pittsburgh and with 35 years experince in the US food industry and with stong European connections.

Brian Smith and Mike WillsonWe are confident that the BSFT (USA) team are capable of resolving issues that you may be facing in your company including manufacturing, quality control, product and process development, factory design, plant layout, international accreditation.

At a recent meeting in UK Mike Willson and Brian Smith (photo) were planning collaboration projects between USA and Europe. Assisting USA companies to modify products to suit European Markets and US companies to upgrade using British technology and know-how.

UK and main office
Middle East

Booth Smith Food Technology (USA)
North Carolina, USA.
Mr Mike Willson
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BSFT (USA) has access to a large number of highly qualified experts in U.K., and also has locally held experience in:-

New product development, for example fats and oils, snack foods, confectionery, ice-cream, dried fruit products, beverages, etc.
Design, erection and commissioning of food factories, including turn key projects.
Trouble shooting quality problems and introducing Quality Assurance Systems.
Expertise in biscuits, snacks, process equipment, margarine and fat spreads, ice-cream
Experience in upgrading Quality Systems to attain international standards and accreditation for BRCS, EFSIS, ISO 9001, including HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point Systems)
Locating foreign markets and buyers for American food products.
Training and imparting professional help to personnel at all levels to achieve set targets.

Business Skills in USA
Management & Operational Consultants
Strategic Planning
Acquisitions, Closures & Due Diligence
Feasibility Studies
Pre-ISO 9000 Process Mapping,
Identifying Core Business Practices
Transformation, Reorganisation & Lean Manufacturing
Utilisation/Productivity Improvements/ Production/Maintenance
Management Policy & Procedure Manuals/ Employee Handbooks
Solving Complex Business Problems
Project Management, Leadership
Process & Automation
Introducing New Products
Team Building
Manufacturing Studies
Provide Shareholder Value
Identify R. O. I.
SKU Rationalisation

We assist US companies enter the food industry and help smaller companies benefit from products or ideas from overseas. We write business plans and prepare detailed budgets and carry out due diligence for acquisitions and consult in Total Quality, HACCP, comparison of manufacturing efficiencies R&D & Quality Management etc.

We look forward to arranging a personal meeting where we can provide you with further information and see how we can be of assistance.
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Food developments, plant design & technical advice - worldwide
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