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BSFT Services for Fresh Produce Packers - Worldwide

Working for Excellence in Fresh Produce Packing Stations
To Enjoy Valuable Export Markets, Rigorous High Standards of Packing Station Operation are required - we can help achieve success

Demand by Consumers in EU is seemingly insatiable for Fresh Produce of High Quality Packed Close to the Point of Harvest.
Salads and Vegetables, Tropical Fruits, Root Crops, Salad Veg, Citrus, Melons, Onions, Berry Fruits, Bananas, Cut Flowers, Tomatoes and more….
Inspected, Graded and Packed Fresh, or Cleaned, Cut and Prepared for the consumer.
Fresh and Prepared Produce Packed for Shipment and Retail Display – are both in demand.

But only from those packing station operators who work to the high standards set by discriminating buyers and retailers.

Ask Us - We Have the "Know-How"

BSFT Technical Packing Station Consultants have worked in Kenya, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Uruguay, Egypt, Caribbean, Morocco, Turkey, India, Oman, Yemen, Spain and elsewhere in Europe, Middle East, Latin America and Africa. We have successfully shown fresh produce packing operators how to secure valuable export business in UK, Germany, Holland, France and other European Countries.

Our team are experienced in Pack House design and construction, latest technology and equipment for prime quality packs, quality and hygiene management systems, and training to satisfy the most critical standards in the world - BRC Accreditation and the British Supermarkets.

Our Know-How includes:
How to ensure produce is harvested and transported from the field in prime condition.
How to Inspect, Clean, Grade, Prepare and Pack to ensure pristine presentation, long shipping life and maximum length good quality shelf life.
How to specify shipping and transit conditions to destination markets to ensure consistent quality on arrival and so guarantee regular repeat orders.

Follow our plans, proposals, designs, technical advice, training, quality and hygiene management systems and
we can ensure you achieve the accreditation needed to secure business with EU buyers.
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The BSFT Packing Station Team

The team includes former technical managers of produce packing for UK retailers, graduates in Crop Storage and Processing and a leading specialists in high value horticulture and packing station operations and technology. Supported by other BSFT team members including Brian J Smith they are available to guide clients in this sector based on their joint long experience in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and South America.

Our Mission Statement:

"Add Value to Fresh Produce in the Country of Origin and Deliver that fresh Picked Quality to the Consumer”
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Food developments, plant design & technical advice - worldwide
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