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  Tip 'n Toss
Tip 'n Toss ready-to-serve salad meal - a BSFT Product Development Concept launched in a major UK supermarket chain
New Food Products
- Created, Formulated, Trialled & Launched
- Fully Supported by the BSFT Team

Food Industry Consultants
· Food Trends Aware
· Commercial Focus
· Leading Edge Technology
· Independent & Confidential
· All Food Types & Sectors

New Product Development by Independent:
· Food Innovators, Chefs, Home Economists, Food Selectors
· Food Technologists and Scientists
· Food Process Engineers and Production Specialists

A Commercial Food Product Development Centre of Excellence
· as the complete alternative to in-house NPD facilities or
· the additional development team to work alongside clients own technical staff

Expertise and resources to develop
· totally new novel products
· new product ranges
· range extensions

A Product Development Research and Implementation Service Including:
· novel creations
· me-too
· latest cuisines and traditional
· utilise wholesome waste food materials
· meals, snacks, garnishes, long life, chilled, diet, sweet, savoury - all types

Delivering superior expertise, this approach to NPD is cost effective and state of the art.
It avoids development tunnel vision.
It brings novelty through commercial focus and experimental technical know-how.

Feasibility Studies
Due Diligence
Technical Audit, HACCPS
Problem Solving
Expert Witness
Foodbase™ Database
Fresh Produce Packing
Snacks Group
Training & Human Resources
Project Management
Plant & Equipment
New Product Development

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The Booth Smith Food Technology Approach to NPD

1. Our team includes experienced, commercial and academic career technologists and food research experts with know-how relevant to the client brief.
2. BSFT's own experimental product development kitchen is flexible and versatile for initial product concept samples and early formulation work and, importantly, cost estimation.
3. Booth Smith Food Technology takes development of product and process forward to pilot stages, field trials, storage studies, test marketing and launch using access to fully equipped and state of the art development and pilot facilities in UK and abroad (or in the clients own facilities) as specialist or particular demand requires.
4. Commercial and practical, BSFT offers a pragmatic and often rapid and empirical solution to produce quick results for marketing departments desperate to obtain early product launch.
5. When the need arises for fundamental or science based research or some pilot equipment we use our good connections with academic institutions, food science and research establishments and some public funded bodies whose resources we respect and harness.

Professional Independent and Confidential NPD Service

· BSFT delivers extra value with proven commercial experience and leading edge creativity.
· BSFT has no conflicts of interest and is careful to avoid competitive work which might constitute a commercial conflict
· BSFT has no public or membership funding and operates effectively and freely and confidentially.
· BSFT has clients who are blue chips, major plcs, multinationals, private companies or commercial start-ups, government funded institutions and research bodies.
· BSFT has PATENT drafting experience and holds its own UK Patents for conversion for novel snacks and other products and UK Patent (jointly) for taste sample device..
· BSFT is a premier independent NPD resource of technical expertise combined with practical and commercial experience in most food and drink sectors.

· Examples of product Development Experience:

Poultry Meat
Game Products
Dry Mix Foods
Fish Products
Coated Products, Crumb & Crouton
Dairy And Ice Cream
Ethnic Foods
Sauces And Dressings
Soft Drinks, Waters, Carbonated Drinks
Cream Liqueurs
Fats And Oils Products
Use Of Waste - Bakery, Fish
Sushi, Snacks, Ready Meals
Pet Food
Cereals, Bars
Functional Foods
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Food developments, plant design & technical advice - worldwide
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