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Rehabilitation, feasibility and planningFeasibility Studies
Use these services to prove the technical, logistical, market and financial feasibility of your project.
With the proven logic of your plan with budgets, costings and forecasts you may proceed with confidence and attract financial support or investors.
· On-site pragmatic investigation
· Archive and internet data
· Civil build and plant budgets
· Summary and full report
· In English and a second language translation

Due Diligence
This service helps investors decide. Our full understanding of food manufacturing and product fashions ensures relevance in the debate.
Who uses the service?
Private Clients, Expanding Business, banks, Marketing and Advertising specialists and investment institutions.
· On-site, pragmatic investigation
· Management and process audit
· Market and product review
· Report translations for most other languages

Food safety; food qualityTechnical Audit, HACCPS & Accreditation
To succeed in supplying the international markets food plants need quality management systems recognised internationally such as HACCPS and must be accredited to recognised standards such as BRC (British Retail Consortium) or EFSIS (European Food Safety Inspection Service)
Our teams will devise and supervise your systems and prepare your plant for accreditation
Our teams will ensure that you receive conforming supply items and in turn you can supply your customers with finished materials or products of the highest standards fully conforming to legal (UK and European and USA) requirements.
· Raw materials
· Worldwide
· Production and operations
· Hazard analysis regimes
· Protocols and training
· Risk analysis and critical control points

Problem Solving
Our experienced teams manage, in part or in whole your technical operation. Interface with production management and controls.
· Complete or part Technical Department Management
· Overhaul or origination of system, protocols, manuals and procedures
· Staff recruitment
· Customer Liaison
· Crisis management procedures
· Microbiological evaluation
· Hygiene problems.

Expert Witness
Booth Smith Food Technology serves the Legal Profession, Loss Adjusters and Insurance Companies with impartial advice on claims, disputes, insurance and tax issues.
o Sound, impartial advice
o Single Expert
o Strong courtroom capability
o An impressive record
o Personal injury and food poisoning
o Process breakdown or conflict
o Insurance
o VAT Tribunals
o Plant loss or damages
Feasibility Studies
Due Diligence
Technical Audit, HACCPS
Problem Solving
Expert Witness
Foodbase™ Database
Fresh Produce Packing
Snacks Group
Training & Human Resources
Project Management
Plant & Equipment
New Product Development

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Foodbase™ Database
The Food Management Technology tool which puts you in control. Designed and constructed by Food Technologists for Food Technologists and the production team. This user friendly multi-user database works from simple data entry screens.
· Integrated system
· Stock control
· Order entry
· Labelling information
· Production scheduling
· Product specifications
· Raw materials
· Waste control
· Nutritional data
· Recipe management

Training and Human Resources
We advise our Clients on recruitment of technical personnel and assist with:
· Interim technical management
· Technical role assessment
· Candidate interview
· Monitoring job efficiency
· Support services
· The Booth Smith Food Technology Technical Advice Backup Service
On-site training for your technical staff and production staff. Bespoke training focussed on food company supply to individual major multiple retailers.
· Hygiene and handling in production
· Practical production management for Food Technologists

Food factory planningProject Management
Use our services for all or any part of your successful factory build, production start-up or your product launch.
· Site selection
· Design and plant specification
· Civil engineering design and management
· Fit-Out design and specification
· Plant commissioning

Plant & Equipment
This service evaluates and specifies your processing plant and ensures a smooth and effective operation, supplied and commissioned on time at best, agreed prices.
· Evaluation of alternative plant and suppliers
· Demonstration and testing
· Up to date knowledge of the market
· Price negotiations budget control tender evaluations
Plant commissioning management, process start-up and handover.
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Food developments, plant design & technical advice - worldwide
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