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An Intelligent Approach to Food Technology Consultancy Tasks in The Food Industry - Internationally

We use a team approach to harnessing the best experience and know-how to achieve professional results helping new food business, food plant planning, food product development in the fastest time and with least risk to our clients.
Our people are highly professional food technologists and engineers with broad international experience in assessing food business opportunities. The team consists of highly skilled Chilled Food Consultants, Ready Meals Consultants, Food Product Development Consultants and many more Food Technologists developing new food products, choosing appropriate technology and packaging, designing plant layouts and implementing food industry projects large and small.

All Food Industry Sectors
 If you are in the Snacks Industry working with BSFT you will be served by snacks technologists having career experience with Fried and Baked Snacks, Fabricated Snacks and pellets all other types of snack processes and technology and can bring exciting new healthier snack product opportunities to expand your business.
 If you are in the Ready Meals Supply business you will find all the know-how needed for Chilled Ready Meals, Recipe Dishes, Ready Meals Manufacturing Equipment, Chilled Ready Meals, Frozen Recipe Dishes, long-life meals in pouches or trays and all the skills of development chefs and technologists as well as all the labelling and nutritional information.
 If you are in the Bakery Industry looking for support on Biscuit Baking, Cake Bakery, Bread Production you will have the support of a team of bakery technologists and consultants with career experience in each sector English and International Biscuits, Plant and Speciality Breads and Fancy Cakes, Muffins and Soft Cookies.
 If you are in the Meat And Poultry Industry you will receive excellent practical guidance on equipment and methods and plant layout for all stages from slaughter to cutting and portioning, processed poultry products, breaded and fried ready to heat and eat chicken products and all aspects of poultry product marketing and food safety management systems in accordance with BRC accreditation standards.
 If you are in the Dairy Industry you will get help from Cheese Technologists, Yoghurt Consultants, Dairy Engineers with aseptic and pasteurisation experience and wisdom about improving profits in the dairy sector.
 Whatever your food industry project or problem you will find answers with BSFT Canning Technologists, Confectionery Consultants, Food Product Development Consultants, Chocolate Technologists, Dry-Mix Food Development Technologists, Fats and Oils Experts, Soft Drink Consultants and All Beverages, HACCPS Consultants and Quality Management Systems in Food Industry, Cereals and Granola Specialists, Extrusion, Baking, Drying, Freezing, Cooling Know-How and Design, Fresh Produce Packing and Shipping, Food Trouble Shooting, Problem Solving, Fish Products, Ice-Cream and much more besides.
Bakery & Snacks
Canned Food
Chilled Food
Dry Mix
Fish & Seafood
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Pickles & Sauces
  ... and more.
Booth Smith Food Technology is an Independent British Food Industry Consultancy for designing and building new food process plants, food product development, food technology advice and food marketing strategy
This worldwide service since 1962 has helped food industry owners, investors, operators, contractors, consultancies, legal advisers and others seeking know-how in post-harvest food processing, storage, food manufacturing and marketing.
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Booth Smith Food Technology
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